Croke Park

As a famous football stadium of the Ireland, Croke Park, named in the memory of Archbishop Thomas Croke, is located in Dublin, Ireland. At very beginning, the football stadium is mostly used as the host for Gaelic games, football finals and hurling. Certainly, it is also used for a great number of concerts of international acts and recreational activities. In 1984, the organization took off to find expand proposals, which are intend to increase the football stadium’s capacity. And the targets has been reached 80,000 spectators after unremitting efforts.

After several times’ renovation and adjustment, the soil pitch was installed in 2002. But this decision has been complaint by players and managers for the hard and slippery pitch. Besides, an advanced lighting system, invented by Dutch company SGL, was installed on the football stadium to promote the growth of grass, monitoring the growth factors around the clock. The system could be used to supervise grass grow factors, e.g. light, temperature, carbon dioxide, water, air and nutrients.

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