France Away Shirt 2016 Women

Brief Introduction on France Women’s National Football Team

The France women’s national football team has made significant victories. Since the beginning of the new millennium, France have become a mid-tier national team and one of the most consistent in Europe having qualified for their first-ever FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2003, and reaching the quarter-finals in European Championship. In 2011, France reached fourth place at the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup. In the following year, the team captured the 2012 Cyprus Cup.

Design and Color

The France football shirt for women is similar to many other Nike teams. Football shirt of France, USA and England are derived from same template. It takes white as main color, showing its prides in a concise and fashionable manner. Sleeves of the France football shirt could be pulled up to displaying the national social status of France. National football team badges are printed directly on the shirt in a flat manner. And back collar is embroidered with the word “France”. The Nike emblem, FFF, the cockerel are printed on it.


The football shirt features a new crest, derived from the classic cockerel worn by the French team in 1958. The symbol is enlarged and freed from its badge, becoming the ultimate symbol of national pride.

The crest is carefully embroidered and inspired by the complicate bullion technique. The new and bigger black cockerel stands proudly with its elegant plume of feathers lifted.

The equipment manufacturer produces a new Nike France 2016 blue football shirt with different-colored sleeves. You could find stripes on each side of the shirt, which run the length of shirt.

After understood the deeper connotation of France football shirts for women, I decided to purchasing one piece from online platform, enjoying the pride planted deeply at the bottom of French hearts.


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