France Home Shirt 2016 Women

Today, football plays a unique role in France after some great achievements having been reached. Players and coaches of France women’s national football team are highly sought after abroad. The France national football team has made significant victories.

The France women’s national football team has made significant victories. Since the beginning of the new millennium, France have become a mid-tier national team and one of the most consistent in Europe having qualified for their first-ever FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2003 and reaching the quarter-finals in two of the three European Championships held since 2000. In 2011, France reached fourth place at the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup. In the following years, the team captured the 2012 Cyprus Cup.

Although equipped with young coach, development of the team was not smooth as expected for tight control, high taxes and short of fund from spectators. In spite of object and resistance from central and local authorities, it sought commercializing and long-term development pattern.

There are some marks on football shirt on its achievements and cultural connotation.

Main Color

Dark blue is modern presentation of classic French blue. Shoulder parts and sleeves adopt black on the basis of main color, presenting more intense dark blue and forming sharp contrasts against the main color.

Design Details

Geometric structure in front of chest is weaved by unique craftsmanship, strengthening degree of comfort, and the bottom small mesh area brings extraordinary cool feeling to people.

Interior and exterior of France football shirt for women are attached with symbols showing respects to national honors. National badges of the France national football team are printed on its surface through thermo-compression technology, and the word “France” is printed on the back of collar. The interior of sleeves is embroidered with “Fierte” and “Bleu”. Hexagonal drawings on shirts, surrounded by “Nos Differences Nous Unissent”, mean that France is a country full of diversity.

There are black stripes on both right and left side of women’s football shirts. As players in a motion state, they’ll provide breathability while showing the bottom red design.

Entirely new shiny red will highlight the vigorous calf of players, and will strength the presentation of speed. The new leg warmers, manufactured specifically for sports event, advanced protection of ankle without damage its flexibility, and attached with liners in areas inclined to be hurt.

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