Stadio San Nicola | Football Stadium

As one of the famous football stadium in Italy, the Stadio San Nicola is widely regarded as an all-seat stadium for many significant football competitions. A highlight of the Stadio San Nicola is that the stadium resembles a flow in its outline. In addition to cool outline, the particular and unique design of the football stadium guaranteed the public security at a certain grade, leaving enough space for people’s movements.

In 1990, the construction work of the football stadium was started for the successful holding for the 1990 World Cup. In the course of a 2013–2014 Serie B playoff, the numbers of spectator of the football stadium has reached the highest level since its establishment.

As a multi-purpose and a famous football stadium, it is also the host of some competitions at international level, such as the 1990 World Cup, 1997 Mediterranean Games, the 2008 UEFA European Football Championship qualifying Group B and the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualification. Generally, it could be seen as one symbol of the country.

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